Musée de l'Orangerie - Paris

After having wanted to see the panoramic installations of Monet's waterlily paintings for years, I was initially disappointed to find the galleries were crowded.  I walked up close to look at a specific area of color.  The section filled my field of vision - a specific atmosphere of watery color.  As I gradually drifted along the painting, the color atmospheres continually changed - like skies change at sunset, like scrolls unfurling, like woven textiles, like patterns built with sequenced groups of color swatches - short notes, long notes, harmonies.  The experience was extremely satisfying and left me pondering new possibilities between painting and time.

>> homage color studies
record color groups from paintings and then look for them in nature

>> time-based aspects of work
marking time, time as subject 
living with paintings
painting in relation to music, film, book, exhibition...

By my side, Thad was singing Dean Martin on repeat - "How would you like to be down by the Seine with me? Oh what I'd give for a moment or two under the bridges of Paris with you...."
Destin, FL

Thank You - for sound of the loud, quieting waves - with their tumultuous strength and continuous rhythm.

"but I myself find in [the song of the nightingale] monotony, that inexhaustible source of everything that makes a deep impression.  Hearing it is like looking at the vast sea, one always has to wait for one more wave to break before tearing oneself away; one cannot bear to leave it." - The Journal of Eugène Delacroix Friday, 7 May 1824

>> repeating patterns
Wildwood - Germantown, TN

one two three four / one two three four / one two three four / one two three four / one two three four
Watching Posy's footfall at a walk.  Outside hind, outside front, inside hind, inside front. 
More grace, more concurrence, more momentous than the words.
**** / **** / **** / **** / ****
Observing visually from the ground.  Observing consciously as a rider.  
Knowing the cadence bodily. Moving together in sync.  Asking at the right time. 

** / ** / ** / ** / **
Watching Posy's footfall at a trot.  Outside hind with inside front, inside hind with outside front.

>> motion study drawings 
like the seahorse studies from the New Orleans Aquarium
Birdlands - Como, MS

Vigorous ride.  Exhilarating.  
Sensations that triggered memories of other rides and made me feel unusually, pleasantly connected to the past.

From the winter landscape, I mentally extracted color studies.
Then, I noticed that moving through space would build something like the time-based color pattern I loved imagining in Paris.

>> deeply specific focus

Some mornings Thad brings me coffee in bed.  While he makes breakfast.  I read and wake softly.  This gift is promising - helps me see opportunity for us to make new times and spaces for each other - in our marriage, for our interior lives and creative work.

Years ago, my friend Susan Kelly asked a table full of our friends to share five memorable days from that year.  I liked the question and resulting conversation so much that I made the practice a way to mark the year end - remembering, reflecting, gathering vivid experiences (not limited to five), and adding them to a list that dates back to 2012.  Then, I added the practice of listing hopes for the new year.
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