Template - Destin, FL

Thank You - for sound of the loud, quieting waves - with their tumultuous strength and continuous rhythm.

"but I myself find in [the song of the nightingale] monotony, that inexhaustible source of everything that makes a deep impression.  Hearing it is like looking at the vast sea, one always has to wait for one more wave to break before tearing oneself away; one cannot bear to leave it." - The Journal of Eugène Delacroix Friday, 7 May 1824

>> repeating patterns
Camp DeSoto - Mentone, AL

Thad's photos of a strip of screen shadows that ran the length of an empty cabin gave me pause to ponder the way that natural beauty multiplies.  The rhododendron outside the panoramic cabin screens stand in a flux of light and flora - steadily branching and shimmering in winds - adding their radial silhouettes to the constant concert of shadows in the air.  Shadows that animate the screened cabins at Camp especially well - as they gradually change positions in the room - as they pulse between clarity and abstraction in overlapping layers of sharp and gauzy shapes often portioned out graphically like these in repeating cabin window frames. 

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